Hello,I'm yourLiebesmädchen.

Girlfriend escort, but excitingly different. Get to know us.

True Escorts

Real talk — no empty phrases about “unforgettable moments” await you at this point. I'm a Liebesmädchen and that's why I think life is too short for the same old tricks. Me and you, you and me. This is real, the rest doesn't matter. What I offer you is an escort service, honest and excitingly different. A bit of girlfriend erotic, a bit of casual, but always 100% authentic and full of desire for our date.

About us

who we are

We are Liebesmädchen. We offer escort service and we love what we do. Escort service is very easy to understand: you book a date with me and I will meet you. So easy. And yes, of course you pay for it, so I want to enjoy the time with you. What are you after?

How to book a date with us

You contact our Liebesmädchen escort agency, for example using the booking form. We will then arrange your desired date. Where? With who? How? Sensual hours or a whole weekend? Hotel visit or short vacation? What do you want to do with me? Let's discuss everything, that's what I'm here for.

What's waiting for you

First and foremost, me, as I am. Is that what you want? Good! That's the most fun, completely unfiltered and personal. We will spend our date together, just as you wish. Whether girlfriend escort, or girlfriend erotic, travel escort, or the classic number, the main thing is you and me! And yes, erotic dates are part of it. I am an escort model and I love my job.

What you should pay attention to

On our date:

Just give me your attention. The rest is not so important. Behave with me as you would expect me to behave, that's the easiest way. Of course, there are a few simple rules of conduct, which you can find in our FAQs. And don't be shy: you don't have to entertain me. I'm great at entertainment, so just let yourself go if you feel like it.

When you book:

The escort agency will go through all the details with you so that we don't forget anything and can fully look forward to our date. The details include, for example, things such as the correct address, date and duration of the date, my fee or any travel costs that may arise. You can also find all this information on this website.