Aurelie, 27

Hometown Berlin
Bookable Worldwide
Languages German
Job Yoga teacher & coach
Height 167
Tattoo Little

Hello, I'm Aurelie, I'm new here and I'm looking forward to my first date. My photo shoot is coming soon, but here you can see some of my private photos. Feel free to ask the agency for more information about me.Hallo, ich bin Aurelie, ich bin neu hier und freue mich schon auf mein erstes Date. Mein Fotoshooting kommt bald, aber hier siehst du schon mal ein paar private Fotos von mir. Frag die Agentur gerne nach mehr Infos über mich.

About Me

My perfect start to the day

The morning is like a blank page on which anything can happen. A perfect morning for me starts with morning sex, still half-asleep and full of love. Then we snuggle up in the blankets again before the sun lures us out of bed. Happy music, dancing in the shower. We have breakfast in a café and then jump naked into the lake. For me, the morning is an interplay of intimacy, the desire to discover and sensual pleasure. Every moment is like a continuation of the blank page that the morning has given us, full of possibilities that we can explore and experience together.

10 things I love

I love spontaneity and enthusiasm. I love it when someone is on fire and passionate about something. I love laughter and humor, honesty and flirting. I love riding a Vespa, analog photography, beautiful furnishings and architecture. I love philosophy and psychology, because I am fascinated by love and life. I love to travel, whether to distant countries or on vacation in my own city. I love to touch and be touched. I love ice cream and so much more.

Where I would like to travel

I would love to discover the romance of Italy with you: We laugh and live and let ourselves be carried away by the present moment. With a pinch of adventure, we explore the streets of the city on a Vespa. The wind, the whirring of the engine and the feeling of freedom merge into a romantic rendezvous. In the evening, we enjoy a good meal and wine, each bite and sip intensifying our senses. Our eyes meet and our bodies long to melt into one — a desire that is unmistakable.

That's how sporty I am

I love to feel my body! I especially love dancing, yoga and martial arts.