Emma, 30

Hometown Berlin
Bookable Berlin Area
Languages Italian (Native)
German (Fluent)
English (Basics)
Job Retail Saleswoman, Student (Social Work)
Height 160
Tattoo Medium

About Me

10 things I love

my family and friends
good vegetarian / vegan food
sport / yoga
music / festivals / dancing
People with a sense of humor
Deep conversations
Reading / further education
Compliments / Flirting

What sport means to me

I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, go jogging at least once a week and enjoy doing yoga at the weekend. It's important to me to keep fit. It clears my mind and soul and I feel more vital, stronger, healthier, lighter, more self-confident and happier.

This is what my perfect day looks like

My perfect day consists of being woken up by the sunlight in the morning without an alarm clock with a view directly onto the sea. I get out of bed and make myself a cup of tea, prepare a delicious breakfast or even better, I'm served a delicious breakfast on the sunny balcony :) After breakfast, I go out into nature and walk barefoot along the beach, find a quiet corner and do my morning meditation. I think it's super important to reconnect with your higher self before you really start the day. A round of yoga/sports or jogging is simply part of it.

At lunchtime, I would meet up with friends or family. A walk through the city, good conversation, a delicious ice cream and lots of laughter would be enough to make this day perfect. In the evening, I can hardly wait to take a bath, get comfortable with one of my favorite playlists and be taken out to dinner. What happens afterwards...I'm very spontaneous and open to many things.