You don't fit into the pattern of all these outdated escort agencies with an outdated world view. You have more to offer than your sedcard tells. You are just like us — a true Liebesmädchen. So join us. We have a serious interest in you, wie offer freedom in your self-expression, a lot of attention and a good fee.

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What you have to bring with you

Are you considering applying to the Liebegirl agency? We look forward to hearing from you soon! Here you will find a few requirements that you should meet:

* You are at least 18 years old
* Good personal hygiene is a given for you
* You have a good general education
* You are studying, are in proper training or are already working
* You speak German fluently
* You are empathetic and able to have interesting conversations
* You are in the mood for erotic adventures

What awaits you as a love girl

As a Liebesmädchen, you are part of an agency that, with a lot of heart, ambition and years of experience in the escort industry, only wants to get the very best out of you and your personal presentation. For you, we are an absolutely well-organized orchestra of professionals who work hand in hand with you. You can expect an agency management that thinks of everything so that you can concentrate fully on your dates, as well as a marketing team of creative minds who will give you the greatest possible reach. There are people waiting for you who are looking forward to seeing you.

This is how the application works

After receiving your application via our application form, we will take a thorough look at everything and get back to you shortly afterwards. We would be happy to discuss all your questions. If everything fits, we will meet for a personal discussion. You will then receive your agency contract and an appointment for your photo shoot with our professional photographer, which our creative team will prepare especially for you.