Yuna, 24

Hometown Frankfurt am Main
Bookable Frankfurt am Main und Umgebung
Languages German (Native)
English (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)
Russian (Basic)
Job Study of social sciences
Height 170
Tattoo Medium

About Me

My date with you

On an evening with me, you can look forward to an eloquent conversation partner who enjoys interesting, sophisticated conversations, whether about art, culture, politics, cuisine or philosophy. I offer you an open ear and hopefully a tingling sensation in your fingertips during and at the end of the evening. I am young, dynamic and quick-witted with a flirtatious and humorous streak. I would like to convey this feeling of youthful light-heartedness to you if you decide to go on a date with me.

Where I would like to travel

There is nothing I like more than traveling. I've already seen a lot, but my urge to get to know foreign countries and cultures will probably never be satisfied, and there are simply too many beautiful places in this world. If I had to choose my next travel destination, I would definitely choose Central America or one of the major Antilles islands, where I can already see myself lounging in a hammock with a mojito, my skin and hair salty from the Caribbean Sea.

My perfect start to the day

In my opinion, the most beautiful time of the day is the morning and, ideally, the sunrise with its bright colors. If I manage to be awake that early, my first route is to the coffee machine and then straight out into the fresh air on the balcony or terrace. A moment of stillness and solitude and to take a deep breath before plunging into the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A multi-faceted breakfast, preferably for two, naturally rounds off the morning and puts me in a good mood for the day.