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Hanna, 30

Hometown Berlin
Bookable Worldwide
Languages German
Job Somatic Coaching
Height 165
Tattoo Little

Hello, I'm Hanna, I'm new here and I'm looking forward to my first date. My photo shoot is coming soon, but here you can see some of my private photos. Feel free to ask the agency for more information about me.Hallo, ich bin Hanna, ich bin neu hier und freue mich schon auf mein erstes Date. Mein Fotoshooting kommt bald, aber hier siehst du schon mal ein paar private Fotos von mir. Frag die Agentur gerne nach mehr Infos über mich.

About Me

What you can expect on a date with me

I love to laugh and have deep conversations. I think it's nice when we really get to know each other. And by that I don't mean any facts about our lives, but what moves us inside.

I am a curious person and look forward to discovering the uniqueness that makes you special. Just like the uniqueness of our meeting. I am curious to see which side of me you will tease out and which side of you will want to reveal itself.

I think it's nice to be present in the moment and feel what we both really want today. Every meeting can be different - sometimes relaxed, sometimes wild, sometimes playful, sometimes tender. I'm looking forward to it!

Here are 10 things I love

As my other answers already reveal, I love nature and love to move, have deep conversations and laugh. I also love fruit and am always delighted by the variety of it. I generally love life and the senses we have to perceive the world. I really enjoy playing with these senses and paying more conscious attention to them. I love meeting people (or animals, which unfortunately doesn't happen that often). I love learning or discovering new things and at the same time I also love just lying in the sun or on the grass and enjoying and relaxing.

Do you do sport? If yes, which one and why?

I really enjoy being outdoors in nature, so I ride my bike and stand-up paddle board, go swimming in the lake and, when I get the chance, I also love hiking, skiing or diving. In general, I'm more of an endurance and enjoyment type than a fast and competitive one. In winter, it can also be strength training or yoga for the joy of feeling my body and keeping fit.