You have the questions, we have the answers. The Liebsmädchen agency is run by empathetic people with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. We've collected some common answers for you here. Not found you were searching for? Then send us an email or call the agency directly.

Who actually writes here?

Our website texts are written by us (the Liebesmädchen) ourselves. The agency only curates and adds to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information. So when I write here in the first person, it really is mostly me, or one of us — alternating from page to page.

However, if you contact the agency with questions or bookings, you are of course talking to the agency team. The small agency team takes care of all the communication and planning until our date.

How can I book a date?

Booking a date with me is very easy. Simply use the booking form, call the agency directly or write an email. It is important that you have all the important information to hand when making a request. You can find them on the booking page.

By the way: bookings at short notice for the same day are also possible, but of course depend mainly on my travel route and availability.

How does a booking work?

You can book our date using the booking form, by email or by telephone. When booking via our form, you can also specify how you would like to be contacted (e.g. by phone or email).

After your request, the agency will check my availability and get back to you. In this step, all important details will be discussed and the booking will be finalized. The agency will also inform you about all further procedures, such as down payments or contacting you shortly before the date. Such a final contact is necessary, for example, to exchange the room number of the hotel or similar information.

What can you expect on a date?

First and foremost me, just as I am. Isn't that what you want? Good! Because that's the most fun, completely unfiltered and personal. We'll spend our date together the way you want to, whether it's over a nice meal, in a hotel room or on a weekend trip. And yes, erotic dates are part of it. I am an escort model and I love my job. And don't be shy: you don't have to entertain me. I'm great at entertainment, so just let yourself go if you feel like it.

Do you have any special requests?

Wishes are allowed and wanted. After all, I think it's good to know what you like so that I can prepare for it. Are there special outfits? Are you longing for a girlfriend experience?

Would you like to, but don't dare?

Taking the first step can take some effort, as I know from many other situations. It's usually worth it! After all, a little excitement is part of trying something new and something intimate. I still get a tingling sensation in my stomach at the thought of erotic dates. So I completely understand that. But the truth is: I'm an escort, that's my job and I like doing it. That's why I really enjoy meeting up with you. So you can put that worry aside.

So if you would like to date me, just send the agency an email or give them a call. They know exactly what's on your mind, know all your questions and concerns and are 100% there to help you meet me. They will guide you through everything from the first hello. With the agency, it really is a step-by-step process, you just have to do the first one now.

How is payment made?

You can either pay the fee in advance (bank transfer) to the agency, or you can bring the fee in cash to our date.

Payment in advance is made to an account which the agency will tell you on request. In this case, the agency is authorized to receive the money. The reference of the bank transfer can be agreed with the agency to keep discretion.

If you pay in cash, please hand over the money in an open envelope before the date.

Would you like an invoice? Then please let the agency know before the date so that they can inform me.

Can I cancel a date?

If you have to cancel an already booked date, this is of course no drama. Please inform the agency in good time, then they will refund any deposits already made and inform me.

If you cancel at short notice, less than 24 hours before the date, compensation of 300 euros is due. If I am already on my way to the date, compensation of 500 euros plus the travel expenses incurred will be due. The remaining amount will be transferred back to you.